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Lately, I have been thinking about holidays. It’s a nice way to escape reality right now and I swear my list of places I want to go is getting longer.

It’s been a while since I went on holiday somewhere hot so I decided to imagine my holiday wardrobe for one of the places on my list. South America in general is somewhere I’d LOVE to go visit. The culture and history just fascinates me, Peru and Cuba specifically.

Last year whilst doing a task for an interview, I came across Mara Hoffman and i remember seeing this colourful dress/pattern everywhere. Fell in love with it, its cotton so ideal in hot weather.

I’m quite picky with bags but Wicker Wings have an amazing range of bags. The colour of this one I think works well with the overall tone of the look.

It can easily be a day outfit with some flat sandals or even trainers but for a nice dinner, these Brother Vellies sandals are just so cute.

Just picturing myself somewhere else now, enjoying a nice Piña colada by the sea. This would be my dream outfit for a my last night on holiday.

What would yours be?

Where do you want to escape to?

Take care and stay safe



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