Styling has been the core inspiration which got me into Fashion. The initial reason that prompted me to go into design was so that I could learn and understand how clothes are constructed. In addition, it would allow me to appreciate the design process where designers began the styling process when pairing garments into looks, how individual garments would work with one another in a collection.


In my third year at university I specialised in Menswear. Focused on how garments layer and interact with each other, my goal was to reinvent how the Fashion industry understood tailoring. Using traditional elements, I magnified them and their placements, such as elongating the lengths of plackets and the cuffs on sleeves. Layering was a key element on how I styled my collection collectively. As well as making the individual garments appealing on their own, I always had the intention of the overall aesthetics of how garments would combine together.


After completing my degree I realised once more that styling was my way forward because it was the aspect of the whole process I thrived in the most.

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