Sustainable Fashion is the way forward with the current world we live in. The industry alone is responsible for so much waste every year, from wasted fabrics to excessive wasted water from dying fabrics. With fast fashion offering 'in season' products all year round, it's easy to choose quantity over quality.


Now don't get wrong, I can appreciate the need for fast fashion as not everyone can afford to spend lots on just one item in one go. Choosing sustainable or ethically made items doesn't always come cheap and may not be attainable for those who want to do better. That’s why I love how some high-street brands are trying to do their best at adapting this mentality so people can have the option to shop smarter. Everything has it's pro's and con's and there’s still a way to go but the main thing is the Fashion Industry realises the need for change.


Next time you decide to buy something new, see if there is a sustainable alternative of the item you want, even from the brand you were buying it from. You never know, you may find something you love.

When people hear sustainable or ethical fashion, the automatic assumption is it won’t necessarily be stylish and that it’s just basic. I’ve created these looks that tell a completely different story.

S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

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