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Is it just me or is everyone doing like weekly quizzes? Finally got round to getting my group of friends from across the globe to commit to a Quarantini chat. I made the quiz, which i was very proud of and we ended up just catching up and just having some drinks and laughs. I hope like me, you took advantage of your social distancing gatherings over zoom and got dressed up!

Nanushka has this Belted wrap jacket which I thought was perfect for a few drinks with friends. Stylish yet super cozy, especially if you’ve mainly been wearing jumpers and hoodies. Pair it with some classic jeans from Armed Angels and you are good to go.

Now I know you are probably thinking why wear fancy shoes if you aren’t leaving the house and no one is even going to see them. I say, why not. When was the last time you fully got dressed up? These Stine Goya sandals are great with the shorter heel. Finish off the look by accessorising with these Vanda Jacintho earrings. I personally LOVE statement jewellery and love these!

It’s good right not to continue to socialise online with your friends and family. Stay connected and have some normality. Friday nights were the nights to just let go. Ok it’s not the same as being at the pub or a nice restaurant but with technology today, it’s easy to stay in touch. So learn to make your favourite drinks and cocktails over zoom with people, join virtual pub quizzes. There’s so much out there, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Take care and stay safe



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