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I don’t know about you, but since lockdown I’ve been moving a lot less! On an average day I’d make and exceed my 10,000 step goal. Now I’ll be lucky if I even get to 5000 steps; that’s if I take my dog for his walk.

Doing research, I’ve come across some pretty cool sustainable activewear brands. Originally I knew Patagonia for their outdoor wear like if you wanted to go hiking etc. For this look I chose this Organic Cotton Quilt Crew, which to me looks super comfy. But they have such a great range of activewear so definitely go check it out!

Silou London also have a fantastic range, I especially LOVE the back of this sports bra. Pair the sports bra with these leggings from Indigo Luna, the print is simple yet makes a bold statement. And you just can’t go wrong with Adidas by Stella McCartney. These are the Ultraboost low-top sneakers and they are meant to be lightweight, maybe the perfect match if you’ve taken up running during lockdown?

On social media, everyone, if not a good majority have taken up some sort of exercise. I am always proud of myself when I’ve completed some sort of a workout. Right now it’s my biggest motivation to help me get through the day now. Mentally it is a massive help to keep my mood up or at least a little bit more on the positive side. And to be honest with you, if you are having a really tough day but you managed to get up, brush your teeth and drink some water, I think you should be super proud of yourself! I know that sometimes doing the little things are the hardest. For me, I know having a new workout outfit gives me an extra boost when working out. If you’re struggling a little with motivation and can afford to, maybe a pick me up like this could help?

Take care and stay safe



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